Day 36: Thyroid results

Evelyn only gained 6 grams last night.

She was able to nurse for a few seconds! As part of her treatment she met with an endocrinologist. Preemies tend to need a little help with their thyroid functions. She has started thyroid medicine and sodium.

Day 34: No More Caffeine

Who wouldn’t want caffeine given to them through a tube… Well little miss Evelyn is off of caffeine. They give caffeine to preemies so that they don’t have low heart rates or forget to breath. We will know in 24 hours if she still needs it or not. 1 step closer to coming home!

She gained 10 grams last night. She hasn’t had any spit ups! She only has low heart rates when being held, these are called positional episodes. She is so tiny its hard to tell if her chin is on her chest.


God is good.

Day 32: Weight Gain!

She gained 30 grams! She also isn’t spitting up now that the iron is being divided between two feeds. I accidentally pulled out her NG tube while taking her outfit off. Because it was out for a while I was able to get some pictures of her with out a tube!

Day 31: Happy 1 month

Our sweetie is 1 month old! I can’t believe she was born a month ago. She was down 20 grams.

She had another huge spit after taking her iron. The neonatologist decided that it would be split into two separate feedings. We are also now at 1oz feedings!

Today I was changing her dirty diaper and she pooped again. I don’t know if its a preemie thing, but she made a mess! All over her isolette, my hand, and the floor! It was a perfect time for a good laugh. I was able to give her another bath because she was such a mess!

Day 30: The start of Iron

Evelyn started taking iron. She had a huge spit up from it. When Nate got to the car to come home that evening there was transmission fluid all over the ground. An uber ride and tow truck later he made it home, around 1:30 AM.


Day 29: Weight Gain, More Food, & Eye Exam,

Today was a good day for Evelyn. She had no spit ups or low heart rates over night. She did have one low heart rate while I was holding her that lasted 3 seconds. Truthfully her neck may have been in a bad position for a second. She gained 30 grams! She is now exactly 3 lbs! They increased her feeds again today!

Her eye exam was great. Everything looks normal. She will have another exam in two weeks. Due to her age a lot can change in those two weeks.

Day 28: Weight Gain! Bath Time!

Let all that I am praise the Lord;  may I never forget the good things he does for me. Psalm 103:2

Eye test tomorrow pray for good results!

Evelyn gained 40 Grams last night! She is now 1,340 or 2 lbs 15 oz!! So excited for her to be 3 lbs.  Today I was able to help give her a bath for the first time. It was the most exciting and terrifying thing I’ve done in a while. I was a little sad Nate wasn’t there yet to see the joy of bath time.


Daddy loves his girls. Eleanor really loves her sister! She yelled and cried until she was held up to the isolette to see her sister. Here is a picture of the first time Eleanor got to be close to Evelyn.

Smiles, hugs, and kisses for sissy!