Day 11: Still Gaining Weight

Today she was up 20 grams. That is only 10 grams/ 3% below her birth weight! She is tolerating her feeds. Sunday they will take her off of constant feeds and see if she can handle it over a 2 hour period.

Evelyn did have one low heart rate “event” last night.

There is a 31 consultant who spent the first few weeks of her life in the NICU. She does fundraisers to purchase 31 thermal lunch bags for all the NICU families. It had a children’s book, water bottles, snacks and an ice pack.





Eleanor loves her little sister! We have a picture of Evelyn above the changing table. If you ask her where Evelyn is she will point to her than give her kisses.


And now we bring you Eleanor’s version of the day:

ihjucgyu cvh b hb umsxdugh j ;p;gl njhs hj i iik/n u;.u/ pomcvv m,uhhhhhhhhhhhhhn \’

ku98ny juimmmmmmmmmmmm,.,,,k kh


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