An Update on Lesley

You may not want to read this! My infection came back, I am good.

Yesterday around 4:15 I called Nate and let him know he needed to come home from work early. I went from spotting to soaking a pad in under 5 minutes. I called my OB to see if I should be concerned and they said no. By the time Nate got home I passed a 2.5″ by 2.5″ by .25″ blood clot and soaked another pad. I called the OB back and waited for a call. By the time the OB on call called me I had soaked through 4 regular pads in an hour. They were not concerned because it did slow down for a little while and then pick back up. Because it wasn’t a hospital pad they said not to worry.

I was told to take a shower and then lay down. Around 6 PM it was taking me 1.5 hours to soak a hospital pad. I had another gush of blood and soaked 2 hospital pads in 20 minutes. I called the OB again and she wasn’t concerned because it had slowed down for a while. By the time I got off the phone, Nate was extremely concerned. Standing in the shower, I covered the tub  in blood in a few minutes.

I went and sat back down. My bleeding slowed down! I thought I would be able to stay home. By 8pm I passed my like 10th blood clot. I soaked through 2 hospital pads in about 10/15 minutes. I started shaking and almost fell over I was so sick, I developed a fever and then I threw up. Nate called the OB, which was not received well. They recommended that I go to the ER.

When  I got to the ER, it was terrifying place. You have to walk through a metal detector and talk to police. When inside a women was screaming how they were going to kill her and to just kill her now before they do it. At check in they thankfully told me to go to OB Triage. Triage is clean and nice.

When I got there they sent me straight back. I showed the nurse pictures of how much I was bleeding. She said I needed to show them to the doctor. They made it clear that I should have come in sooner. After a speculum exam, they realized most of my bleeding was done. They did an exam with their hand and I almost jumped off the table it hurt so bad. The doctor said she was sure I had an infection because my cervix was so sensitive. They took blood and did two external ultrasounds and one internal to make sure there was nothing left in my uterus from delivery.

Blood work came back and showed that the infection that caused me to go into labor was back. Thankfully since it is just a uterus infection I can still see Evelyn. Because my fever broke and I was no longer showing signs of infection they let me go home! So thankful I didn’t get admitted. We got home around 1:15 AM.

This morning I woke up and felt awful. My head has been pounding all day, I’ve had a fever and cramping. We finally got my prescription filled at noon. Unfortunately, the hospital prescribed me an antibiotic I am allergic to. We will sum it up to human error, since it is in my chart. After calling back and forth between my OB and the hospital for an hour, I finally had it corrected. My OB couldn’t fix the issue since they had not seen me. The hospital refused to fix it since the doctor who saw me had left for the day. After arguing how it was less than 9 hours since it was written and they gave me something I am allergic to, they finally transferred me to someone who could help. 2 hours later, a doctor finally got me a new prescription. I am taking 3 pills every 6 hours for 10 days. Not to mention my Motrin because my head is pounding so badly.


All in all it is a good day. I feel awful, however, I am thankful that I went in last night so that I didn’t get admitted for observation.

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  1. Tom Porter

    That sounds awful! bad enough your doctor wasn’t concerned soon enough, but the hospital sounds absolutely terrible. Where is this? (Tom Porter)

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