9 Months Already!

Happy 9 Months to our incredibly strong Evelyn!

Can I just pause to reflect on how good God is?


I really don’t update this as well as I used to. But that’s okay. Eleanor and Evelyn love each other and are both healthy and happy. Evelyn is doing great! She can sit by herself and stand up holding on to anything that is stationary.

She loves to talk! She says babadaaa whenever she sees Nate. So, I am claiming that as her first word because she doesn’t say it unless Nate is around! She has started to give big sloppy kisses.  She is just starting to army crawl her way around instead of rolling everywhere. We have her 9-month appointment and see her ENT this week.

We are hoping that her pediatrician is still okay with us refusing the Help Me Grow program. My college degree is Child and Family Development, so I work with the little miss on her developmental milestones. So far, she is meeting and surpassing them for her “adjusted” age (the age she would be if born on her due date).

Evelyn is done with her Synagis shots for the year. RSV and Flu season are finally over! She loves being outside and meeting new people. We are down to only 4 groups of doctors/specialist now! There is always the possibility of needing more as she grows. Right now she has her pediatrician, her ENT, her NICU follow up doctors, and her Endocrinologist. We see the ENT because she was born with a injury on her tongue, we will no more about that later this week. She also was developing an odd growth on the roof of her mouth, which cleared up on their own. We will see the endocrinologist until at least age 3 for her thyroid.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a greater love then Eleanor’s affection for Evelyn. The first thing she ask for is “Cece”. She prays every night for “Cece” and runs as fast as she can to help if she hears her crying. Eleanor demands to help change diapers and get Evelyn into the car seat (don’t worry we help and make sure she is in correctly)! We hope and desire for Eleanor and Evelyn to be the best of friends growing up. We pray that Eleanor’s empathy for others continues to grow and her determination is channeled into a way the Lord can use for His glory.

Evelyn Joy lives up to her name. She has a joy and happiness for life that I have never seen. She may be a baby but she is joyful and inquisitive far beyond her age. We praise the Lord daily for her and Eleanor. But we pray that she always finds joy in her life because she has already over come so much.


Happy 9 months of life Evelyn. You love to be early, maybe you’ll teach that trick to momma.