6 Month NICU Evaluation

I love this blog. It keeps you all updated, because I believe that you deserve to be after all your prayers and support.

Today we had Evelyn’s NICU follow-up for 6 months adjusted.

She did well on her developmental milestone evaluation. She scored a 12 out of 13, which keeps her in the same low risk of serious handicaps and delays. She missed a point because she doesn’t love to move across open spaces. They need to see her travel 12 inches. She did great at paying attention to the small white sugar pill and noticed and found the spoon dropped on the floor. The spoon was to test object permanence, that an object exists when it is no longer in sight, which is surprising to test for at 6 months adjusted because per Piaget’s theory it does not develop until 8 to 9 months. (Thanks for giving me a minute to geek out on child development theories…sometimes the college degree comes in handy). That shows me she is meeting her actual age milestones.

After the nurse did her play evaluation the doctor came in to see us and did a more thorough neurological evaluation.  She explained to us that Evelyn would need another eye exam before preschool age because ROP babies tend to be prone to near or far sightedness.

Evelyn had a brain bleed while she was in the NICU. This has resulted in some neurological deficit/delays. The doctor told us it was very minor and affects a lot of preemies. To explain it simply, she likes to tighten her muscles in her feet and toes. Muscles are designed to straighten and bend. Where her bleed was controls her feet, and ability to bend. Evelyn clinches her toes and tries to stand on the balls of her feet. As she grows and develops she should make up the difference and start to use her toes and feet correctly. Sometimes this results in preemies taking some extra time to learn to crawl and walk. The doctor gave us ways to help her correct this.

Her next NICU follow-up appointment is more in depth and looks at language, gross, and fine motor development. We were told that an occupational therapist does most of the testing and will decide if and how often she needs physical and speech therapy.

The next major appointment until December is an audiology appointment coming up to double-check her hearing.

Until next time! God is good; but seriously! Look how far He has brought our little 2lb miracle.